• A4 210x297 mm 500 Sheets/Ream 5 presentation.reams
  • A3 210x420 mm 500 Sheets/Ream 4 presentation.reams
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Ream Features

Ideal for: Presentations, Reports, Newsletters, Statements, Mailings, etc.

Improved surface

Navigator allows you to:

Maximize printing quality keeping existing printer settings.

Protect your office equipment due to the improved surface and corresponding lower abrasiveness.


Increased value
for your presentations

The ideal solution for your presentations

Engineered smoothness which minimizes runnability issues, as well as providing a high quality tactile sensation.

Excellent opacity to avoid show through and print-through and intensive use of colour guaranteed in duplex printing applications.

Excellent printing contrast thanks to Navigator’s high whiteness.


printing contrast

Navigator’s even sheet formation and porosity guarantee uniform ink/toner application onto the paper surface. It’s specially treated surface ensures adequate ink-paper interaction and better toner adhesion.

Ideal for high quality colour documents

Presentations, Reports, Newsletters, Statements, Mailings, etc.

Navigator range
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