Professional Cases

Lucy, Consultant

Works in a large office and prints various weekly reports on custom stamped pages. She needs to print quickly and trouble free.

Challenge: High volume office printing.

Printing our report

This is a high volume job!

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Pre-printed Stationery

The letterhead paper will be printed on a print shop with access to digital printers, as a part of a two step process. Controlled absolute and relative humidity values to provide good post-printing flatness.

1st Print Run Printing the letterhead

Customization of the offset paper.

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Printing the Reports

Now that the letterhead paper is printed, Lucy can start the printing of the reports.

2nd Print Run Printing the content

The letterhead paper is ready
to be printed a second time.

The report is printed!

The report sheets are printed.
The task was sucessfull!

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Our Report looks great!
So does our business results.

Lucy trusted Navigator paper and the results paid off.
The reports were printed in less than 2 days after they
were made, and came with excellent print quality!

Navigator paper empowers your work

Printing with Navigator paper allows savings in labor and cost-efficient larger print runs.

By using the best quality fibre, Navigator paper has ideal thickness / stiffness ratio to minimize post-printing curl and to reduce printing waste.

This allows better printing quality, even in duplex applications using colour.

In Lucy's environment the best option is navigator paper