high quality fibres

Eucalyptus Globulus has a higher number of fibers per weight unit giving better porosity, opacity and formation of the paper. It enables superior paper machine performance levels and enhanced printing.

High-tech forest management,
research & development

Navigator continuously manages its forest with the goal of producing the best premium office paper through a sustainable process, striving to improve natural resource measures such as soil fertility and water quality, protecting environmental biodiversity.

The high quality of Navigator paper is a result of the exceptional characteristics of the Portuguese Eucalyptus Globulus fibres.

Our Eucalyptus Globulus Improvement Program seeks to develop new agricultural techniques while studying more effective biological pest and disease control measures. As a result, our nursery is supplied with carefully selected trees that increase the productivity of our forests as well pulp and paper production.

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The secret to Navigator’s unique performance lies in always using the same raw materials: Eucalyptus Globulus.

This operating decision means Navigator can ensure the maximum level of quality and consistency of its paper, each and every time.

Many paper mills source fibres from different pulp mills around the world. Others may be fully integrated but choose to combine different species of fibres to make a single product. As a result, paper quality and consistency are compromised.

Our paper mills are fully integrated and use only one type of fibre as its source. This allows us to preserve optimum fibre characteristics and produce paper that is always consistent.

Did you know?Eucalyptus provides 34% more pulp for the same amount of wood.


Navigator’s Innovative & Sustainable production.

The most advanced technology is used for the production of our uncoated woodfree paper. It relies on state-of-the-art paper machines, where size and speed are maximized because of electronic monitoring throughout the manufacturing process.

A modern paper machine is over four times the size of an aeroplane, with a much more complex automatic control and monitoring system, to ensure production output is optimized and paper characteristics are perfected.


From forest to paper with consumer in mind: a vertically integrated company where Navigator’s production process is controlled from its beginning: the forest.


Quality Guaranteed

  • Produces the best premium office paper

    Through a sustainable process and striving for improving natural resource measures.
  • Unique performance by always using the same raw materials

    Portuguese Eucalyptus Globulus.
  • Navigator's Mill has the most advanced technology

    Our paper mills are fully integrated and use only one type of fibre as its source.