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Navigator's Universal paper ream

Navigator Brand Values

Navigator is recognized internationally as the leading premium office paper brand. It offers a wide range of solutions for any printing application.

Paper Properties & Benefits

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whiteness & Opacity

The superior opacity of Navigator Universal makes it ideal for double sided printing.

Surface cohesion - excellent runnability

The 99,99% paper jam free guarantee provides users the possibility to increase efficiency because jam reduction increases the production speed and reduces processing errors.
increased productivity per day

smoother surface - improved print quality

Navigator developed an improved paper sheet surface which provides excellent printing quality.
By improving toner adhesion and absorption, Navigator maximizes print results - more printed sheets with the same cartridge.
In addition, the smoother surface means lower toner consumption and reduced abrasiveness, improving the lifetime of office equipment, therefore reducing maintenance costs.
FSC ISO 9001 | PEFC ISO 14001

navigator’s performance and environmental credentials

  • Performance certified by the Buyers Laboratory (BLI), the leading independent laboratory for testing office equipment
  • Produced in mills with IS0 9001 and IS0 14001 certification
  • Available with FSC® and PEFC™ certification
  • Available with Ecolabel;

Navigator’s value proposition - a unique & compelling combination

  • Unmatched runnability
  • Excellent print / copy quality
  • The highest quality consistency
  • Guaranteed multifunctionality (office equipment / application)
  • Optimal intrinsic paper properties (whiteness, opacity, smoothness, thickness, ...)
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